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About us

Company Structure

Hellespont is a provider of maritime services, with a network of offices spanning from Hamburg via Athens and Singapore to Manila.

Headquartered in Singapore, more than 160 staff ashore and over 2500 crew provide modern integrated ship management solutions to demanding maritime clients and their assets worldwide. Drawing from 72 years of experience and from having owned, managed and operated over 110 vessels ourselves we deliver safe, reliable and efficient ship management services.

Flat hierarchies and dedicated technical management teams ensure direct access to decision makers.

We focus on

  • being your extended technical and operational arm
  • managing your vessel as if it is our own
  • making you sleep well at night, whilst we take care of your vessel in a safe and efficient manner
  • being a reliable, transparent, trusted and reputed partner to our clients

Our Management Team

Hellespont is a family business. It was founded in 1946 by Phrixos B Papachristidis. His son Basil Ph Papachristidis joined the company in 1965 and has been Chairman since 1981. In 2008 Phrixos B Papachristidis started his career at Hellespont and is currently Chief Executive Officer.

Phrixos Papachristidis
Phrixos PapachristidisChief Executive Officer
Hellespont Pte Ltd. – Singapore
Joined in 2008
Dr. Michael B. Kennedy
Dr. Michael B. KennedyChief Operating Officer
Hellespont Pte Ltd. – Singapore
Joined in 1983
Georgios Hadjigeorgiou
Georgios HadjigeorgiouChief Accounting Officer
Hellespont Pte Ltd. – Singapore
Joined in 1990
Joachim Brack
Joachim BrackManaging Director
Hellespont Ship Management – Hamburg
Joined in 2011

Dimitrios Mountzouris
Dimitrios MountzourisManaging Director
Hellespont Steamship Corp –
Joined in 2004

Dr. Chrisian Gerona
Dr. Chrisian GeronaManaging Director / President
Manila Ship Management – Philippines
Joined in 2008

Mission Statement

”We provide safe, reliable and efficient marine transportation services by maintaining and operating our customer’s ships to the highest standards.”


We continuously improve the quality and efficiency of our services to our clients.
We conduct ourselves with integrity and to deal fairly.
We comply with laws and regulations and avoid and report conflicts of interest.

This includes:

  • honoring the confidentiality of intellectual property, employee, customer and supplier information.
  • no bribes or non-token gifts shall be made to suppliers, customers or officials.
  • we accept no bribes or gifts of value from suppliers.
  • prepare transparent, accurate accounts and financial reports.
  • comply with anti-trust rules.
  • legitimate use and protection of Company assets including cybersecurity precautions.

  • legally valid inspections of Company systems with no expectation of privacy.
  • that no one will comment or speculate about the Company – refer queries to spokespersons.

To make every effort to protect the health and safety of all employees and the public.
To protect the environment and to improve energy performance – both ashore and onboard.
Legal compliance requires Company drug and/or alcohol testing.
To ensure that no task or objective is so important that an employee shall violate the law, safe working practices or risk personal injury or illness.
To treat everyone with respect. Discrimination and harassment is not tolerated.
To improve our safety management skills ashore and onboard, especially those of emergency preparedness.
Our goal is zero spills, accidents and incidents.
To monitor and measure compliance with the above and to continually strive to improve.


Today, Hellespont manages a fleet of 25 tankers, bulkers and offshore vessels, supported by the entire organization and the offices in Hamburg, Athens, Singapore and Manila. Whether working in the vicinity of an oil platform, transferring cargo ship-to-ship or loading and discharging in remote terminals, our experienced staff is supporting the fleet 24/7 worldwide.




Today our fleet comprises Aframax and LR1 tankers, Ultramax Bulk carriers, Platform supply
vessels, Tugs and Anchor Handling tugs as well as Crew boats. All vessels are being managed technically, we provide experienced crew and commercial
management services.

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Our Mission — Our Commitment
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